Stoneware Sculpture | African Man | One hand holding staff and the other on the mane of his powerful  Lion companion |
Headley Sculptures

* Beyond the Horizon | Stoneware Sculpture | African Man | with male Lion Companion

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One-Of-A-Kind Stoneware

Dimensions: 24" x 13" x 24"

True, most teachers of religion scoff at the idea... that God will cause animals to be at peace with one another and with humans. But I have full faith and confidence that Almighty God Jehovah will bring about such marvelous changes in the animal realm. In the new world to come... Here's to looking 'Beyond The Horizon.'

*Showcase Piece

This Original Sculpture is no longer available | We gladly take commissions for pieces similar in nature | Personalized to your specific interests and requirements | To commission your own piece please follow this link