About the Artist

“It’s in my blood...

Sculpting provides for me, a lasting media for unique expression.

I aspire to engage creative imagination and masterful craftsmanship to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing.

With attention to detail and a focus on the ‘feel and essence’ of each and every subject, I hope to captivate and inspire others to appreciate this timeless form of art.

Particularly with portraiture, I am keen and conscious to ‘find’ the person / personality behind the form before me. In this way, together, we create art that beautifies the environment, touches and enhances the lives of those who engage with it.

I also consider it an honour and privilege to carry on the rich family legacy that began with my grandfather, the Honourable Alvin T. Marriott, so many years ago. I strive not to disappoint, but to enhance our place in the world of Caribbean artists. A lofty goal indeed!

Many years ago I noted a void in the commercial art space...  Personalized Recognition Pieces that ‘speak' to the reason for the accolade. For many decades the generic stars, cups and crystal pyramids stood for all manner of recognition. I think they've had their day!

My wife and I decided that we would try to fulfill this need, by passionately creating quality crafted works, to celebrate these momentous moments.

We sincerely believe that our Custom Pieces / Awards have far greater and longer-lasting impact and meaning to both the presenter and the recipient.

In essence, this is why our work has stood the test of time and will continue to be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come. 

A warm thank you to our community for believing in our work and giving us the ability to do what we love every single day."

Wayne and Paula Headley, Sculptor, happy, Successful in life love and business